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  • Creating Communities of Engaged Bystanders (CEB programs)
    • CEB programs are customized to the specific needs of your organization and are designed to foster communal ownership and engagement for issues of power-based violence (sexual assault, relationship violence, workplace harassment, and hazing) as well as self-directed violence (stress, depression, and suicide prevention).
    • Includes skill-building and toolkits for: Recognizing Warning Signs, Effective and Personalized Intervention Strategies, and Sustainable Organizational Support Practices.

  • Targeted CEB topics include:
    • Resilience and Strength Building
      • Worry Stories: Rethinking Stress Narratives and Management Strategies
      • CEB: Stress, Depression, and Suicide Prevention
    • Power-Based Violence
      • CEB: Hazing Prevention
      • CEB: Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention

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