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One of my goals with the Second Way blog is to share back what I’m learning. I love to read (and that absolutely includes the 100% legitimately valid form of reading, audiobooks) and I love podcasts (but because I’m also an enneagram three, I prefer to think of myself more specifically as an early adopter). Along this journey of obsessively consuming podcasts and books as a way of avoiding something (probably) and procrastinating on something else (likely), I have been fortunate enough to come across a lot of really smart minds, deeply meaningful stories, and a great variety of perspectives and voices.

So, I’m paying forward all that wisdom to you, dear reader! The resources below have really helped me through life’s twists and turns and have challenged me to grow and think of things differently. I have chosen to include only resources that I have personally used and found helpful. So, please check out these folx, support their work, buy their stuff, subscribe to their pods, and share with others! I’d love more recommendations, if you have them! Please send them my way! Be well! -Nate 



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Social media handles for thought leaders I follow and appreciate will soon be added. Please send any of your own recommendations my way, too!

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