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Interactive Workshops | Keynotes | Webinars | Virtual Coaching | Technical Assistance | Resource Kits


  • Facilitating Meaningful Conversations
    • Customized programs to help build and strengthen strong public speaking skills, fostering authentic and protected spaces, audience engagement and management techniques, intentional atmosphere building, and personal facilitator impact. Includes “Facilitating Meaningful Conversations” toolkit!
  • Maximized Best Fit!
    • Customized programs to address issues of workplace and team interpersonal dynamics, team stumbling blocks, inclusivity and safety, meaningful member engagement and retention, and “Maximized Best Fit” toolkits. Great for businesses and student organizations!
  • Cultivating Mentoring Communities
    • Customized programs to help organizations take mentoring beyond individual relationships and toward co-created communities of intentional and connected mentoring relationships.
    • Inspired by Nate’s below 2014 article in Perspectives Magazine and the following elements identified by Sharon Parks in her (2011) book Big Questions, Worth Dreams:
      • Mentoring is an intentional, mutually demanding and meaningful relationship between two individuals.
      • Good mentors help to anchor the promise of the future.
      • Mentors convey inspiration for the long haul.

Assessment-Based Coaching

Facilitated workshops and coaching programs using one or more of the following assessments:

⁃ Enneagram

⁃ Clifton Strengths / StrengthsFinder 2.0


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