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  • Values Among the Vitriol
    • Customized programs for organizations and student groups exploring how to best connect their espoused values to the issues of the day. Living out our values requires civic engagement, but that can be tricky to navigate in a community of diverse worldviews.
    • These conversations are designed to help your team go beyond the “lip service” of your mission statement and meet the moment with intentionality and commitment. Great for businesses and student organizations! Comes with “Values Versus Vitriol” toolkit!
  • Your Resilient Heart
    • Customized programs to help foster spaces and practices that bolster the holistic wellness of your team members and honor the experiences of trauma, stress, and burnout.
    • This strengths-based approach centers mental health as foundational to organizational health and includes the “Your Resilient Heart” toolkit!
  • Permission to Believe
    • Customized programs for exploring Queer spirituality and meaning-making. Perfect for LGBTQ+ organizations and allies who are interested in understanding and fostering inclusive, justice-oriented faith.
    • Equally suitable for religious and non-religious audiences. We each have ways of answering life’s “Big Questions,” and making sense of the world around us. Comes with “Big Questions” toolkit!

Coming soon! Assessment-Based Coaching

Facilitated workshops and coaching programs using one or more of the following assessments:

⁃ Enneagram

⁃ Clifton Strengths / StrengthsFinder 2.0


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