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Welcome! This is the "pinned" blog post on this page, which I'll use to tell you about this website. I call this site "the Second Way project" partially because 2011-me thought he was being clever and mostly because I'm inspired by a quote that is (debatably) attributed to Albert Einstein. "There are two ways to... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] Two Months Later.

  When I first learned of the shooting, I panicked. Did I know anyone who was there that night? The likelihood seemed very high. Orlando had been a close-knit gay community for me, and we had all made our way to Pulse on Latin Night many times before. I had only moved from Florida a... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] Pulse.

(6.12.16) The first time I ever went to a gay bar I drove to one that was two hours away, hoping no one there would know who I was. I was, of course, still closeted. I sat inside this little dive bar across from a wall full of cardboard cutouts of rainbows and stapled-up flyers... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] Like Needing Glasses

My life seven years ago was very different from what it is now. For starters, of course, I was still closeted. At least one thing has remained true for me in all that time, though... I am a Grey's Anatomy loyalist. I love that show. And always, always will! Over the years, Grey's has done... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] Invasive Love.

Multiple people in my life have committed and attempted suicide. Students, friends, family. At the age of ten I even saw someone I loved try to take their own life right in front of me. I cried and begged them not to, calling for help as I watched a bloody butcher knife cut the length... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] The Beginning of the End.

Edie Windsor at NYC Pride June 30, 2013 Edie Windsor is the awe-inspiring 84-year-old woman from the now infamous “United States v. Windsor” Supreme Court case. I hope you were able to spend some time this week watching the celebrations of those most closely impacted by the rulings in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases. I... Continue Reading →

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