Episode 1: A “Second Way” to Ministry

Episode 01: A "Second Way" to Ministry  Growing up, I believed I had been called to ministry. But, ya know... turns out I'm gay. My relationship with faith was further strained by my experience of surviving a violent sexual assault. Through it all, I've remained drawn to all things mysterious and miraculous, and have found new... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Originally written as a guest blog for CheerleadHER. What Should You Say? When I was sexually assaulted in 2012 I had an extremely difficult time trying to process what had happened. I had never heard any real-life stories of men as victims. And I had certainly never heard any real-life stories of a same-sex assault.... Continue Reading →

The Second Way Project

START HERE: Welcome! This is the "pinned" post for The Second Way Project: Education | Podcast | Blog. The Second Way Project aims to bring people together in conversation to explore and celebrate all the ways we seek peace, purpose, and meaning in our lives. THE SECOND WAY PROJECT: (1) Blog (2) Podcast (3) Consulting Second Way... Continue Reading →

Two Months Later.

  When I first learned of the shooting, I panicked. Did I know anyone who was there that night? The likelihood seemed very high. Orlando had been a close-knit gay community for me, and we had all made our way to Pulse on Latin Night many times before. I had only moved from Florida a... Continue Reading →


(6.12.16) The first time I ever went to a gay bar I drove to one that was two hours away, hoping no one there would know who I was. I was, of course, still closeted. I sat inside this little dive bar across from a wall full of cardboard cutouts of rainbows and stapled-up flyers... Continue Reading →

My Assault.

In 2012 I was raped. Until a few months ago, I had only ever told three people. I wrote the draft of a blog post about it a few years ago, but couldn't bring myself to publish it. I think part of the reason it was so hard for me to talk about was because... Continue Reading →

Like Needing Glasses

My life seven years ago was very different from what it is now. For starters, of course, I was still closeted. At least one thing has remained true for me in all that time, though... I am a Grey's Anatomy loyalist. I love that show. And always, always will! Over the years, Grey's has done... Continue Reading →

Processing My Privilege

Talking about race and privilege is hard for White people. Mostly, because we've never really needed to. There was no imminent risk we needed to prepare for based on how others would treat us due to our skin color. The choice to study the issue was completely voluntary. We could applaud ourselves when we chose... Continue Reading →

Invasive Love.

Multiple people in my life have committed and attempted suicide. Students, friends, family. At the age of ten I even saw someone I loved try to take their own life right in front of me. I cried and begged them not to, calling for help as I watched a bloody butcher knife cut the length... Continue Reading →

Out of the Closet, Into the Gym.

I'll be honest. For a moment, I was feeling a little cocky today. I checked out my blog statistics and realized that my eight total blog posts had received over 10,000 unique views from 11 different countries. I felt really proud that this little site with only a handful of posts ended up having such... Continue Reading →

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