Episode 5: Brandon Wolf

Episode 05: Brandon Wolf (Pulse Orlando Series)  In this episode, Brandon Wolf talks about how surviving the Pulse shooting but losing his two best friends has influenced the ways he now seeks peace, purpose, and meaning in life. We also discuss Brandon's activism, nonprofit work, issues of gun safety, and the need for LGBTQ+ safe... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Christine Leinonen

Episode 04: Christine Leinonen (Pulse Orlando Series)  In this episode, Christine Leinonen shares how losing her son in the Pulse nightclub shooting three years ago has impacted her life, faith, and capacity for love. Christine's son Christopher (or as many of us knew him, "Drew") was murdered along with 48 others at Pulse nightclub in... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: Functional Depression

Episode 03: Functional Depression  In this episode I talk about my struggle with depression over the past year and a strategy that has helped me get back on track. This episode also welcomes back the podcast after an unplanned hiatus - more episodes are recorded and will be coming your way soon! Some additional blog posts,... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Pulse

Episode 02: Pulse  This episode introduces the series on Pulse nightclub. Before talking with our guests, I wanted to set the stage a bit about the importance of places like Pulse. This episode revisits the blog post I wrote in 2016 in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Stream in the music player below or to... Continue Reading →

Episode 1: Ministry

Episode 01: Ministry  In this opening episode, you'll be introduced to survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida and learn more about what I hope this podcast will become. Growing up, I believed I had been called to ministry. That idea was quickly turned on its head, however, when I decided to finally come... Continue Reading →

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Originally written as a guest blog for CheerleadHER. What Should You Say? When I was sexually assaulted in 2012 I had an extremely difficult time trying to process what had happened. I had never heard any real-life stories of men as victims. And I had certainly never heard any real-life stories of a same-sex assault.... Continue Reading →

The Second Way Project

Welcome! This is the "pinned" post for the Second Way project. To listen to the podcast click here. Want a cheat sheet for the blog posts? Scroll to the bottom! Second Way is a blog and podcast that aims to explore and celebrate all the ways people seek peace, purpose, and meaning in their lives. Whether it's... Continue Reading →

Two Months Later.

  When I first learned of the shooting, I panicked. Did I know anyone who was there that night? The likelihood seemed very high. Orlando had been a close-knit gay community for me, and we had all made our way to Pulse on Latin Night many times before. I had only moved from Florida a... Continue Reading →


(6.12.16) The first time I ever went to a gay bar I drove to one that was two hours away, hoping no one there would know who I was. I was, of course, still closeted. I sat inside this little dive bar across from a wall full of cardboard cutouts of rainbows and stapled-up flyers... Continue Reading →

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