About Second Way

The Second Way project (blog + podcast) aims to bring people together in conversation to explore and celebrate all the ways we seek peace, purpose, and meaning in our lives. Through the blog and podcast, this platform hopes to elevate stories that can help us see and celebrate something miraculous in one another, within ourselves, and in the larger world around us.

A HistoryPL

I began blogging on what I called the PeopleLovers blog, which was created in 2012 and migrated to The Second Way Blog in 2018. PeopleLovers was primarily a vehicle for processing my “coming out” as a gay man. Initially, I was not ready to fully let go of the way I had presented myself to the world while closeted or to minimize the relationships I had been in with women. So, I had what I have come to think of as a “transitional identity,” which I labeled People Lover. Catchy, right? Bisexual didn’t feel like quite the right label for some reason, but that’s essentially what I was claiming. I said in those early blog posts that I was someone who was less concerned with the biological sex of a person and was instead attracted to the character and soul of a person, regardless of their gender. It was a romantic notion to me then, but never fully true for me either. Although that transitional identity was an important part of my journey, I am, in fact, a gay man who has now learned to understand, accept, and proudly celebrate that truth. I’m also now a 30-something who is interested in and passionate about addressing a much broader array of issues beyond the vision and scope of what the PeopleLovers blog was. In particular, issues of spirituality, faith, and meaning.

A New Visionsecond way

While I do hope to lift up the voices of Queer people of faith and LGBTQ folks who are open to sharing their experiences, the aim of the Second Way blog and podcast is more broadly to explore and celebrate the ways in which all people seek peace, purpose, and meaning in their lives. Although we may choose to do so through spirituality, religion, activism, our careers, service to our communities, or various other paths and practices, we each have our own unique ways of making sense of life’s big questions and contributing to something bigger than ourselves. That’s what I want to hear more about on this platform! In addition to the podcast conversations, I hope to also invite guest bloggers to share their own perspectives on peace, purpose, and meaning as this project develops. I’m so excited to read their perspectives in the blog posts and to listen to our conversations in the podcast episodes. As we explore these meaningful topics together, I want to be clear that I do not claim to have all the answers. In fact, I claim the opposite. But that I enjoy asking the questions. I hope you will join me in co-creating whatever this may become.

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