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21458072_10102721827602901_2429531612192853567_oWelcome! My name is Nate Burke. And I wear many hats. I’m a college instructor, a PhD student, and trainer for a local nonprofit. I’m a part-time speaker and facilitator on topics ranging from student leadership development and LGBTQ advocacy to prevention strategies for domestic violence and sexual assault. Most importantly (as far as this website is concerned), I am someone who loves asking Big Questions about life and reflecting on how others seek to find peace, purpose, and meaning. I really hope you will join me in co-creating whatever this project may become!


After earning my master’s degree, I worked five years as a university administrator and adjunct instructor. For nearly three years after that, I led a military education program with a nonprofit organization in Washington, DC. In that role I served as the project leader for the United States Air Force’s international implementation of prevention curricula for sexual assault, domestic violence, and suicide. While now teaching and studying full-time at the University of Maryland, I also work part-time with another local domestic violence prevention nonprofit organization and a university speakers’ bureau.

  • PhD Student | University of Maryland | Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (Education Policy and Leadership); 2018 – Present
  • MA | Bowling Green State University | Higher Education and Student Affairs (College Student Personnel); 2011
  • BA | University of Central Oklahoma | Strategic Organizational Communication; 2009


And if you want to know even more…

  • I have found that I learn and grow a lot through writing and having one-on-one conversations with others. Hence, this Second Way project.
  • I’m a sexual assault / rape survivor, which has informed my public work for the last few years and is something I sometimes write about here.
  • I’m a gay man, which significantly informs my views on religion and spirituality.
  • I grew up in Oklahoma, lived in Ohio and Florida for school and work, and now reside in Washington, D. C.
  • I’m civically engaged, because I think our beliefs and values require action and advocacy.
  • I’m a spiritual person, but not particularly religious — which is probably also another way of saying I am a millennial. 
  • My educational and professional backgrounds have centered on public speaking, teaching, and learning.
  • I love any opportunity I get to dive into conversation with others about a topic that is meaningful to us.
  • I love asking Big Questions and reflecting on how each of us works toward peace, purpose, and meaning.
  • I — like this website — am a work in progress and open to feedback 🙂

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