Changes coming to Second Way!

Hi, all! I’ve grown and changed a lot since I began blogging in 2011. While I love and appreciate so much the folks who have engaged with me throughout this journey, I also feel it’s time for this platform to grow and develop as well.

All speaking requests (including keynotes, webinars, interactive workshops, and technical assistance) are temporarily paused. All the curricula and materials I have developed over the years are being reassessed as well.

Each podcast episode and blog post represents where I was at in that moment. The same is obviously true for the guests who have so graciously joined me as guest bloggers and guests on the pod. I’m excited to now begin taking this platform to a place that is less about me, less about trauma, less about politics and that is instead more about love, more about peace, and — of course — more about everyday miracles, big and small. I hope you’ll continue co-creating with me whatever this project is meant to become in the next chapter! Changes to the website are in progress as well. Stay tuned!


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