[Episode 4] Christine Leinonen

Episode 04: Christine Leinonen (Pulse Orlando Series) 

In this episode, Christine Leinonen shares how losing her son in the Pulse nightclub shooting three years ago has impacted her life, faith, and capacity for love. Christine’s son Christopher (or as many of us knew him, “Drew”) was murdered along with 48 others at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Christine shares how her Catholic faith has changed since the loss of her son, and how she has also found new meaning and purpose through activism and caring for other young LGBTQ folks. Christine now sees herself as an advocate for Drew’s legacy, leveraging her experiences as an attorney, former state trooper, and now mother of a mass shooting victim to help prevent future acts of hate and gun violence.

Episode 04 Soul Songs: Piano Man by Billy Joel, Drift Away performed by the Doobie Brothers, and Drift Away performed by Dolly Parton*

How to listen: Stream in the music player below or search “The Second Way Podcast with Nate Burke” wherever you listen to podcasts.


*I do not own the rights to any of the music featured on this podcast. All music is used here for educational purposes in accordance with the Fair Use category of commentary and criticism.

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