Episode 1: Ministry

Episode 01: Ministry 

In this opening episode, you’ll be introduced to survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida and learn more about what I hope this podcast will become. Growing up, I believed I had been called to ministry. That idea was quickly turned on its head, however, when I decided to finally come out as a gay man. My relationship with religion and spirituality was further complicated after surviving a violent sexual assault. As a way of introducing you to me and the vision for the future of the Second Way podcast, we will discuss all of these topics and more. I hope you enjoy listening!

  • Stream in the music player below or to listen on iTunes or Spotify just search “The Second Way Podcast” or click on these links:



Soul song: Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen and performed by Jeff Buckley

Featured voices: Dr. D-L Stewart, Christine Leinonen, Brandon Wolf, Angel Colon (all on future episodes). Randy Roberts Potts. Music by Jeff Buckley, Common and John Legend, Hillsong Worship, R. Carlos Nakai, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, The Golden Gospel Singers, and Kesha.


The Second Way Pod has officially launched! In each episode, I’ll talk with someone about how they seek peace, purpose, and meaning in their lives. I hope you’ll join me in co-creating whatever this may become!

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