[Episode 1] A Second Way of Doing Ministry

Episode 01: A “Second Way” to Ministry 

Growing up, I believed I had been called to ministry. But, ya know… turns out I’m gay. My relationship with faith was further strained by my experience of surviving a violent sexual assault. Through it all, I’ve remained drawn to all things mysterious and miraculous, and have found new ways of serving a purpose bigger than myself. My ministry now? Exploring peace, purpose, and meaning with others.

Episode 01 Soul Song: Hallelujah, written by Leonard Cohen and performed by Jeff Buckley*

How to listen: Stream in the music player below or search “The Second Way Podcast with Nate Burke” wherever you listen to podcasts!

Featured voices: Dr. D-L Stewart, Christine Leinonen, Brandon Wolf, Angel Colon, and Randy Roberts Potts. Music by Jeff Buckley, Common and John Legend, Hillsong Worship, R. Carlos Nakai, Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, The Golden Gospel Singers, and Kesha*.


*I do not own the rights to any of the music featured on this podcast. All music is used here for educational purposes in accordance with the Fair Use category of commentary and criticism.

The Second Way Podcast

a space for exploring peace, purpose, and meaning

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