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Welcome! This is the “pinned” blog post on this page, which I’ll use to tell you about this website. I call this site “the Second Way project” partially because 2011-me thought he was being clever and mostly because I’m inspired by a quote that is (debatably) attributed to Albert Einstein.

“There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

That quote inspired me to commit to the second option. The second way. I want to be the person who looks around and sees that everything is miraculous. So, now I strive to be intentional about that. Reminding myself to pause, breathe, go outside and look all around, take in some nature, look up at the sky, look at the trees, and the squirrels and the butterflies. It really does feel miraculous to think about all of the countless expressions and different types of life that exist on our planet. For some, this miraculousness is the clear evidence of a true Creator who designed and brought to life everything we know. For others, this is the astonishing beauty of how life has continued to evolve throughout all of time. The beautiful reminder of the connectedness between all life. And, of course, there are plenty of other views that folx probably have, too, and likely a combination of both for some. I can see a lot of beauty in both of those paths.

So, I call this “the Second Way project” because I wanted my podcast’s intention to be about that “second way” thing. Striving to notice the miraculous. Noticing the miraculous within ourselves, within one another, within all the world around us, and within all of the universe beyond that. Whether you are religious or spiritual or atheist or nothing at all, we all do have our own ways of making sense of the world around us. Our own ways of answering or wrestling with life’s big questions. That’s what I hope “the Second Way project” can be. A space for exploring all of the ways we each seek peace, purpose, and meaning in our lives.

So, the “project” includes a podcast, a blog (which actually came first, starting in 2011), and some educational offerings (we all need side-gigs these days, right?). I have the pleasure of speaking with a variety of different audiences semi-regularly doing keynotes, workshops, and webinars for folx. You can find all the information about that over on the “Speaking and Consulting” page. For everything else, use the quick links below or the main menu on the home page. Enjoy the site! Let me know what you think. Suggest some guests or topics for the pod. Send me recommendations for the Spotlight page. Guest write a blog post. Let’s all go explore together (dramatic pause) the miraculous.

Oh, I forgot to say. I’m Nate. More about me here.


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