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Welcome! This is the "pinned" blog post on this page, which I'll use to tell you about this website. I call this site "the Second Way project" partially because 2011-me thought he was being clever and mostly because I'm inspired by a quote that is (debatably) attributed to Albert Einstein. "There are two ways to... Continue Reading →

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Changes Coming to the Second Way Blog!

Hi, all! I've grown and changed a lot since I began blogging in 2011. While I love and appreciate so much the folks who have engaged with me throughout this journey, I also feel it's time for this platform to grow and develop as well. All speaking requests (including keynotes, webinars, and workshops) are temporarily... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] We’re Here!

We're Here is a new HBO show starring three famous drag queens who visit rural towns across America. Let me just tell you... the amount of tears I cried throughout this show is beyond calculable. If you want to do something as a straight/cis ally during the month of #Pride, I’m asking that this please... Continue Reading →

[Blog Post] #BLM

In 2012, I worked at Stetson University in Deland, Florida. Deland is just outside of Orlando, which is where I built a home and a community for myself. To get from one place to the other, though, I would drive through a small town called Sanford. In February of that year, a boy named Trayvon... Continue Reading →

[Episode 5] Brandon Wolf

Episode 05: Brandon Wolf (Pulse Orlando Series)  In this episode, Brandon Wolf talks about how surviving the Pulse shooting but losing his two best friends has influenced the ways he now seeks peace, purpose, and meaning in life. We also discuss Brandon's activism, nonprofit work, issues of gun safety, and the need for LGBTQ+ safe... Continue Reading →

[Episode 4] Christine Leinonen

Episode 04: Christine Leinonen (Pulse Orlando Series)  In this episode, Christine Leinonen shares how losing her son in the Pulse nightclub shooting three years ago has impacted her life, faith, and capacity for love. Christine's son Christopher (or as many of us knew him, "Drew") was murdered along with 48 others at Pulse nightclub in... Continue Reading →

[Episode 2] Putting Pulse in Context

Episode 02: Contextualizing Pulse (Pulse Orlando Series) This episode introduces the series on Pulse nightclub. Before talking with our guests, I wanted to set the stage a bit about the importance of places like Pulse. This episode revisits the blog post I wrote in 2016 in the immediate aftermath of the shooting. Episode 03 Soul Song: Hallelujah,... Continue Reading →

[Episode 1] A Second Way of Doing Ministry

Episode 01: A "Second Way" to Ministry  Growing up, I believed I had been called to ministry. But, ya know... turns out I'm gay. My relationship with faith was further strained by my experience of surviving a violent sexual assault. Through it all, I've remained drawn to all things mysterious and miraculous, and have found new... Continue Reading →

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